Ultimate David Archuleta Fangirl Experience [Manila]

24/11/2010 17:36

“Good Things Comes To Those Who Wait—David Archuleta”

If it’s meant to be, It will come to you...

After 2 years of requesting, voting, and supporting David’s songs on the local radio & TV and updating charts for Archuleta Philippines... my ultimate fan gift came... a dream that each and every David Archuleta dreamt of... to meet Mr Crush himself... David Archuleta.

This is the 1st time that I became passionate about an artist. I did support other artists but I don’t really literally  NOT SLEEP  to request and vote for their songs... I don’t go to concerts, for its tiring for me... but I’ve done all of those for David.

We were not fortunate enough last year when he 1st visited the Philippines for a concert with co-American Idol 7 alumni David Cook. The closest I’ve been was when he walked in front of me at the hotel’s lobby... with a BIG bodyguard between us.. I remember him smiling though.

This year... everyone was shocked to receive the news that he’s coming back to Manila on a short notice. We barely had time to prepare for a big welcome.  All we want is for him to see that there are fans who support him. I, personally, don’t even think of any close encounter. I’m so happy to know that he can sign my ArchuStuffs coz I don’t have anything with his signature on it (except for that initialled photo from The Other Side Of Down Fan Pack”

So come Nov 16th, being part of Team Airport, I, together with some Archies went to NAIA Terminal 2 to give our idol the welcome he deserves. I freaked out when he actually walked in front of me. He was so close!! I was soooooooooo on Cloud 9 that moment.

We then went to the Hotel where Team Hotel welcomed him too. We learned that he signed their stuffs and got a group photo with him. Some of the Team Airport felt sad, but I don’t know why I didn’t.  I’m still high from my MOMENT at the airport.  David.SoClose. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Hotel personnels didn’t allow us to stay so we then went to SM Makati to fangirl some more.

I went home at 8pm. When i got home, I opened my radio to my favourite radio station to listen to my favourite girls, the Playtime Girls. Then I heard them played the Promo Plug for David Archuleta Meet & Greet. They said to text name, address & contact #... so I did. I then tweeted the Archies to send their details too so that everyone will have a chance. After 3 songs.. DJ Hazel announced the winner.. and I was shocked that my name was announced!  I then cried of happiness. OMG! I now have a chance to meet him! I cried and tweeted LOL.

By Nov 17th, I woke up at 6:30am and received lots of texts and tweets already so I rushed to SM North EDSA. I arrived at the venue at 9am. I’m #373 =(. That’s 9hours before the show.. but the place is already packed with ArchuLovers. Sony has yet to contact me so I lined up to buy the CD.  With or without Sony.. I NEED TO BE INSIDE the venue! LUCKY is what I call myself coz I was the 3rd to the last person to get the autograph pass.

I lined up with some Archies waiting for our turn to enter the Dome. I love the experience because I was able to meet a lot of fans. Some people just came up to me and tell me that they visit ArchuletaPhilippines.com and they knew me from there. :D It’s like a Grand Archu Get Together.

 At around 3:15pm. Sony Person texted me that she’s on her way to SkyDome and I need to meet her at 5pm. But I still lined up. They allowed us to enter the venue at 4pm. I then approached some Sony peepz. They directed me to Ms Queenie. And she was shocked that I was already inside. I told her.. I NEED to be here. Hahaha... So she asked me to transfer to the Reserved Seats. She then gave my Meet&Greet Pass and told me that I’ll be meeting David Archuleta in person! And will have a Photo Op with him!!! I didn’t know what to do!!! I was the only one on the reserved seats that time so I can’t  really faint for nobody with attend to me LOL.  By 5pm.. fellow Archietect Ayra Villanueva arrived. She also got a M&G Pass but from Magic. We screamed our hearts out because we will meet David that day!!!!!!!!!!!!! I then met the other RX winners, Juca, Steven and Anthony.

By 6pm.. Ms Queenie called us to enter the backstage. I was so happy so I just tweeted that “Nasa backstage ako! (I’m at the backstage)” they had us lined up outside the room. There are 3 rooms. 1st room was occupied by the Star Power Finalist. We heard them screaming. Yes girls.... he can make everyone scream and giggle :) 2nd room was occupied by Magic Winners (with ayra). We saw him going from 1 room to another.. I was really starstrucked. Then we went to the 3rd room. They asked us to line up and stand near the wall.. I was the 2nd person to enter the room so I was at the middle. Then.. the MOMENT came. THE ARCHULETA entered the room..  and yes.. he is so mesmerizing... 1st thing I noticed was the skin.. it’s like porcelain white.. looks like an angel.. 2nd ... the eyes.. those hazel eyes are hypnotizing.. I didn’t know what to do.. first impulse was to shake his hand.. then I said “hi! im Nette from Archuleta Philippines"and he smiled and said " Ooohhh Cool!!! " then he shook other winner’s hands too..  then he stood next to me.. singing "Baby tonight.. the DJ got us falling in love again" OMG! His voice is so beautifull esp LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then he put his arm around my waist...Shocked and  shaking.. I put my arms around his waist too...  then the Sony photographer took our photos... (with the other RX winners.) After the photo op.. he turned around again to us. I shook his hand again and said “I hope you had fun in Manila.. and please visit our site ArchuletaPhilippines.Com” and he said smiling “Sure sure!” then we went out.. I was really happy when I went back to my seats. Juca and I we’re screaming!!! I then posted on Twitter and Facebook ... ALL CAPS!

Then the EPIC show started. Everyone was singing . I can’t believe how my baby David is very well loved. On a workday/schoolday Wednesday.. the place was jampacked with everyone singing, jumping and dancing. David was superb that night. The Promo Tour was more of a Mini Concert.  Hearing the crowd singing with David gave me goosebumps.. made me teary eyed too.  After singing Elevator, Crush and Something ‘Bout Love, autograph signing took place. And because I bought the album, I went to had it signed. Ms Queenie assisted me to the stage (because the guards didn’t allow me to jump fence from the reserved seats to the line for autographs.. thank God for Ms Queenie).  When he signed my CD.. I shook his hand again (for the 3rd time) and said “Hi David! It’s me again!” and he said “Oh.. from the Meet&Greet!” I was like O.O OMG! he remembered me!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..then some Archies shouted my name. I can’t remember is its Nette Kulet or Ate Nette but David surely heard them and looked at them then smiled. Then I left the stage.

It was a memorable moment! The most memorable minutes of my ArchuLife! I never expected to meet him and have those precious minutes with him because I don’t have the means and the money to make it happen. But I really want to thank God for giving me Angels.. I guess Im doing my Archuduties well that I have ArchuAngels..

And to all Archies out there still waiting for their ARCHUMOMENT... Remember what David said > “Good Things Comes To Those Who Wait”