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Promote TOSOD Here, There, and Everywhere



We all know that David Archuleta's new album needs promotion. So here it is! Promote TOSOD here, there and everywhere! There are lot  of possible ways to promote TOSOD. Here are the following:

  • TOSOD pins: These are very easy to make. Google the cover image of TOSOD, print it out, laminate, hole punch and pin on you shirt / coat. 

Source: [Archuleta Fan Scene]

  • Print TOSOD flyers and give them away! Here are some fylers that an Archie fan made:

  • Print TOSOD on a shirt.
  • Buy TOSOD CDs and donate / gift it.
  • Print TOSOD posters / or just print something on a paper and post them everywhere.

And last but absolutely not the least. The "David Inspires Us Sticker"!!! Imagine how many people could see the back of your car everyday whether driving or parking on a lot.

"The David Inspires Us bumper sticker is a great fundraiser of Rising Star Outreach and the children of the leprosy colonies in India for their new school, and is also a great way to share with others that David is truly an inspiration. It's a win, win, proceeds for a very special cause that means a lot to David and a way for us to share our love & pride as a David fan with others! It's probably the least expensive fundraiser ever, presently just $4! Your full name & state (country for international fans) will be added to the hundreds of fans already listed on the certificate David will receive, presently from 24 different countries throughout the world and state all across the USA! So, if you haven't already, please don't hesitate any longer, once these beautiful stickers run out they will no longer be available. They're great also for cubicles at work, dorm rooms & school lockers, anywhere to share that you too are a proud fan of David Archuleta! It may just introduce someone new to David and his amazing music!!!

If you are a young international fan unable to order, we'll do our best to gift you one, please email us at

Thanks to the fans who have already helped in gifting stickers to share the goodness of David around the world! To order or help gift: Go to to "send money" & make payment to: Price is $4 each (US dollar), click purchase of goodsm the continue to next page with payment info. Be sure to include your full name and mailing address. You will receive a confirmation email after your payment has posted and your name and state will be added to the certificate David will receive. We'll share David's certificate at the completion of this fundraiser. We're in the home stretch with over 600 stickers now sold, having raised  $2300 for RSO to date. At the conclusion, we'll have a grand finale with the David "Inspires Us" bumper sticker shown here that David has personally autographed! Thanks so much!" - Stephanie and Daniell