David Archuleta's influence in my life

Bess DeGuia | 12/01/2011

First time in my 57 years in this world that I've ever admired a singer/artist. David is a DOPE cause. his music gives me a "high" .. serenity, peace and joy.. He is an artist extraordinaire.

David is my idol

Siar Hawzhen | 11/01/2011

Hey my name is Siar and I am from the uk but used to live in germany. I just love david and his music. He is so different than other singers. He is honest, shy,cute, religious,helpful,funny and etc( my idol forever).

Unfortunately I am the only one in my school who likes him and I really like to share his music but I have the internet to show it over the world.

I am happy that you have so many sites about david that we can support and share stuff about him:))

italian archangel

Eleonora Campana Di Berardino | 11/01/2011

Hi, my name is Eleonora. I live in Italy near Milan. Because I'm 42 and I have 4 children here fans called me ..archimom ahahaha
I love David's music full of positivity, full of joy, full of hope, full of faith in the Lord. And I love share this with the others.

Re: italian archangel

ArchAngelsOL | 11/01/2011

Welcome to our site, Eleonora! :)

Re: italian archangel

Bess DeGuia | 12/01/2011

David is such an Angel. Through his music, we have bonded internationally and locally.

david's friendly fans

Ayhu Ilhamrah | 11/01/2011

I'm happy to be one of david's fans.I have many arch angels friends.They're very nice and friendly.And they always can share things about david.I'm happy to be one of them :)

i love david

allan sunga | 12/12/2010

hello nice site here im a big fan of david im very thankful that david has a fan site i love this site

David's music

Mary Bodolosky | 29/11/2010

David never disappoints. I love his music and hope to hear a Christian album and a Spanish album some day;

Re: David's music

Eleonora Campana Di Berardino | 11/01/2011

I hope it too !!!!!

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