Rating "Something 'Bout Love"

25/12/2010 20:37

From Neon Limelight:

*Everyday until Christmas, NeonLimelight.com will be counting down 12 of our favorite underrated songs of 2010. These are songs that, for whatever reason, were completely kick-ass awesome, but didn't get the respect, airplay, sales, or chart positions they deserved, in our humble opinions. And so, we're shining a little extra light on these songs. Call it our 12 days of Christmas gifts to these artists. Enjoy!

Day #9

Artist: David Archuleta

The underrated song: Something `Bout Love

Our thoughts: An underrated artist will more than likely release sorely underrated songs. Although David Archuleta has one of the best voices recording today (feel free to argue with us on this, we've got tons of videos to back up this claim!), his talents are still largely overlooked. When David and Team Archie decided to get a little more top 40 friendly with the pop radio-ready single Something `Bout Love, we just knew the masses were about to discover an artist who has all the potential in the world to top charts but somehow still feels like a little known secret. The synths and uber-catchy chorus played well with every other song currently getting radio airplay, but apparently, pop radio isn't quite ready for a single that showcases lyrics with actual depth. No matter. Archie is something special and we're sure in time, others will catch on to this gem.