David Cook and David Archuleta as Idol Judges?

04/01/2011 11:31

'American Idol' starts up again on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 -- and to fill the days until then we're amusing ourselves by looking through the hundreds of photos Fox has released from the upcoming season.

First up: 28 photos of Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson posing for chessy photos together and glamming it up for individual portraits.

Take a look and see what you think, but I was struck by how stiff and uncomfortable they all looked in the group shots -- it's gonna take a while to develop any chemistry, I guess. 

Next we'll be rolling out photos from all of the audition cities, so stay tuned.

And don't forget to vote in our poll of which set of judges (Clay Aiken andAdam LambertDavid Cook and David Archuleta?) you'd most like to see together on 'American Idol.'


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