David Archuleta Shares New Years Resolution

05/01/2011 11:37

David Archuleta the runner up from American Idol’s seventh season kicked off the new year by giving his fans a special video. David had a busy year in 2010 and he started his video blog by apologizing to his fans as he hasn’t made a blog in quite a while.  He reflected on the year past and everything that has happened, including all the cool places he got to tour to like Honduras, Phillipines, and Singapore among the few he named.  He also commented on the Christmas Special he did for PBS and if you missed you’ll get to see it again during the Christmas Season in 2011.

For those wanting to know what he did for Christmas he spent time with his family and got to see his cousins, grand parents and aunts and uncles who he hasn’t seen in  a while.  David also thanked his fans for the birthday wishes they sent to him last Tuesday, he enjoyed all the videos and posts from his fans as he turned 20.  And David hope to be able to do more shows in the future.

As for New Year’s he spent the time in Las Vegas and went to go see a few shows including one featuring the Jabberwocky’s, but he did mention it was quite cold in Vegas.  For his New Year’s resolution he hopes to make a blog at least once a month for all of his fans.  David is also hoping to get more into exercising and maybe try to write a book.  He also commented that he got a chance to read over comments and stories from Angels for a Cause, which is a new cause to stop bullying and he says that you should never be afraid to stick up for someone who is being bullied.  He  hopes everyone had a good New Year.  What do you think of David’s video?