David Archuleta Admits He's Not Impressive or Cool

06/11/2010 16:42


“I know the kind of person I am,” the American Idol alum, 19, told the USA Today newspaper. “I know how the world looks at impressive people and cool people and people who succeed. I do not fit that mold.

“So how am I supposed to be in a position where everyone’s looking at me? How am I going to make that positive impact and be impressive to people?

“I could try to be cool. A lot of artist get developed, get an image and get that whole mysterious persona. I can not do that. I could try, but I know that’s not me.

“One of the biggest things for me is to be honest with myself and real with other people. If I were to try to create an image that’s not who I am to look appealing to other people, I’d be so uncomfortable with that.

“It’s like I was fighting with myself: ‘David, you’re not cool! What if people don’t like who you are, because you’re not that image?’ Then I was like, ‘Not everyone’s going to like who you are, no matter what you do. Somebody’s always going to have a problem with you.’

“This is what I realized: What if there are other people out there who are like me? Who are wondering the same things as me, feeling the same way? I can relate to them!”

Source: FamousWhy.com

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