Arrival of David Archuleta on Singapore [Recap]

12/11/2010 23:43

 10.00am: I’m stressing out because I get smses about David’s arrival and I cab down from dover after training all the way to freaking Changi Airport. Even though I changed I’m still gross and sweaty but Whatever. 

Waited at T3 for like two hours till 12.30. David doesn’t arrive. Many false alarms caused by yours truly. Then Sal tells us he’s at T1. 

We dont know what to believe at first. She reasoned that there’s no Sony people at T3 and she called Sony and they said T1. What time was the plane landing? 12.48pm. We have 10 minutes to run to the gate. All of us sprint to the skytrain and stampede T1. We squeeze to the front and wait. breathless. 

1.00pm: he’s still not out. We don’t know what that boy’s doing. Then he tweets and we freak out. A woman who’s with him messages that he’s in the toilet. FIXING HIS HAIR. THAT LOSER IS SO VAIN <3 <3 <3 <3

A burst of high-pitched screams break out. It sets all of us into a screaming, jumping frenzy. We realise…false alarm. Rawrrr…

We start singing Stomping the Roses, Elevator really loudly hoping he’d hear us. It was freaking awesome. Then we start chanting “David”. 

Suddenly, we spot him walking and everyone starts screaming and jumping and waving. “SHUT UP SHUT UP START SINGING” someone screams. We start with Stomping the Roses. We sang so loud for 15 minutes straight with Stomping the Roses, Elevator, Touch my hands, a thousand miles, crush, a little too not over you over and over. 

He’s still at the belts and we dont know what he’s doing. People keep walking out from the gates laughing and smiling at us. It’s awesome. Then Sal tells us he’s taking photos. Weiyan and I turn and start jumping and waving. 


Then he starts walking and we all scream. he doesn’t come out from the gate we’re positioned right in front of. He walks to the side gate. I scream “GO GO GO!” and we leave our bags in the middle of the airport floor and sprint to the side gate, literally shoving people out of our way. Someone steps on my slipper and I lose it. So I’m running with only one slipper on. 

I keep tapping him and kept saying “David”! The security guards were mad buff but cool. Everyone crowded and ran alongside tapping and talking (ok kinda shouting) at him. but he never stopped smiling. He was so gorgeous and nice. I tapped his waist because the guards were blocking his back. 

then I run in front of him and say:


he stares at me for a while and with his uncapped sharpie he says “yeah!” and sticks out his hand. I can’t remember what his hand feels like because I was staring at his eyes and I’m not even kidding. They are green with golden sparkles. I feel like I’m going to die. 

He leaves the airport and we run after him screaming “THANK YOU FOR COMING DAVID WE LOVE YOU!” 

I run on his right and shout “SEE YOU ON SUNDAY AT ZOUK!” he looks at me, smiles and says “OH REALLY? THANKS!” and I tell him I begged for tickets. 

He gets in his van, we run to the side and we hit the window and start waving. He laughs. Weiyan puts her palm on the window and shouts HIGH FIVE and self fives herself to show him what she wants him to do. He understands, moves towards the window, kneels on the seat and places his palm against the glass window where weiyan’s palm is. We start putting our palms on the window too and we freak out. Linying forms a heart shape with her hands and he mouths thank you. 

The van drives of and I dash to the road. When it turns the corner, I’m the only one running after him and I wave and smile. I know he was looking right at me when he smiled and waved. 

My feet hurt so bad after that. my calves too. 

Oh my gosh today was an amazing day. 

I like the sony people and the US people following him. They’re cool this year (: 

I love you David forever and always.