Announcing the Winner of "The Other Side of David" Fan Fiction Contest!

06/11/2010 16:58 :




After much deliberation, David and everyone here at are proud to announce the winner of “The Other Side of David” fan fiction contest. After so many great submissions, its come down to story number 2 - “Stuck in an Elevator” as the winner. Congratulations to WRITEROFUTAH,you’ve won a custom David Archuleta iPad, and thank you so much to everyone who entered with your amazing words.



Lynna stepped into the elevator and pushed the button. She was having an amazing vacation and loved the hotel she was staying in. She had been in the lobby for the past while, but her mom wanted her back by dinner.
Lynna took out her iPod and started listening to Elevator by David Archuleta, it was one of her favorite songs, and she found it cool that she was listening to Elevator, in an elevator.
The elevator stopped, but it wasn’t on Lynna’s floor yet, someone else was just getting on. The doors opened, and David Archuleta got in.
Lynna couldn’t believe it, she was usually outgoing, but now all she could do was gasp and squeak.
“Hi.” He said.
“You’re David Archuleta!” Lynna blurted.
“Yep!” he laughed.
Suddenly, there was a loud grinding sound, and the elevator stopped.
“Oh no!” David pulled out a phone, called someone then looked at Lynna.
“They’ve got someone looking into it.” He said. “We may be in here for a few hours.” He slid against the wall into a sitting position, and Lynna did the same.
“Well, we might as well get to know each other. Why don’t you tell me about yourself? So Lynna did, and David did the same. Before either of them knew it, the elevator was fixed, and they were heading off to their rooms.
“Bye!” David Called.
“ Bye!” Lynna smiled to herself, she found it awesome that she had gotten to know the other side of David.