Fan-wide David Archuleta Birthday Trending Party 2010

27/12/2010 16:51


For 12/28, this year the fanbase has decided upon:


  • Tweeting from a Private account will NOT contribute to Trending!
  • ONE instance per Tweet - repeating "#HappyBdayArchie #HappyBdayArchie #HappyBdayArchie" can cause your Tweets to be FILTERED - not counted toward Trending.
  • Tweets must contain some text OTHER THAN #HappyBdayArchie or they risk being FILTERED as well!

The wrong way to participate:

#HappyBdayArchie #HappyBdayArchie #HappyBdayArchie

I love David #HappyBdayArchie 


The right way to participate:

David Archuleta turns 20 today! Yay! #HappyBdayArchie

#HappyBdayArchie I can't believe David is another year older!


*Disclaimer: This information is gathered from Twitter's Help Center & is presented here as guidelines for successful Trending, not as a strict representation of Twitter's Trending algorithm.