Catching Up With David Archuleta

06/01/2011 22:28


It felt like just yesterday when this cutie pie had us spellbound with his voice (it’s actually been more than a year)!  We heard he was in Singapore, and we couldn’t resist the chance to find out what’s new!

17: It’s been a year since you last visited us here in Malaysia. How has the past year for you?
David Archuleta (DA): It’s been good! I’ve gained a lot of learning experiences, a lot of new challenges, there’s a lot of new stuff going on…so, it’s been good. I feel like I’ve really grown a lot in the last year.

17: You’ve just released your second album The Other Side Of Down. Tell us more about it.
DA: The Other Side of Down…I named it that because it’s all about looking at things from a different perspective; the positive side of things. Even though things might be kind of confusing (as they always are!) cuz life can throw things at you, you just need to keep on moving and stay positive about everything. And with this album, I just wanted people to feel good when they listened to it. 

17: Your song My Kind of Perfect talks about a perfect girl…so what’s she like? 
DA: Well, I kind of talk about it in the song! [Laughs] But you never know! It’s kind of like me wondering what she’ll be like cuz I haven’t found her yet. So it’s like “is she going to be like this?” and I want her to be like that—you know, looking on the bright side of things and like whether she likes to write songs on the guitar or like to try new things and I keep wondering who she is. And even though I’m not sure why I haven’t really felt like that for anyone yet, I’m still going to keep waiting for that right person, my kind of perfect. 


17: Aawww…ok so tell us something or rather, anything we don’t know about David instead!
DA: Well I love food…but I think that’s not a secret anymore! [Laughs] I always like to go to new restaurant and I like to explore a lot too. I like to find new areas that I haven’t been to and sometimes I get lost—or a lot of times I get lost. But it’s kind of fun! It’s like an adventure! I also like Mythbusters actually and I enjoy watching Discovery Channel, National Geographic and things like that.

17: Do you have any big projects lined-up for 2011?
DA: I’m planning on doing a tour so that’ll be really fun to get to do! I’d love to come back to Asia and do like real, proper shows in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia—I haven’t been able to go to Indonesia yet either!



It’s been 3 years since he claimed fame on American Idol. Let’s see what he’s been up to post Idol!


  1. Though he didn’t win the coveted title in American Idol Season 7, his first self-titled album hit No 2 in the U.S Billboard Charts and sold over 750,000 copies in the U.S alone! Beat that David Cook!
  2. To date, he has released two pop albums and a Christmas album all within three years!
  3. He has a memoir called ‘Chords of Strength’ in which he talks his hardships, achievements and overcoming vocal cord paralysis at the age of 13.
  4. He also bagged a trophy for the ‘Year In Music’s Rising Male Star’ in the ALMA (American Latino Media Arts) Awards in 2009!